Scarborough Coin Club

The following includes a list of resources for collectors

Online Resources:

Coins and Canada
This is a great resource to get information on prices for Canadian coins and banknotes. There is also some information on errors and varieties as well as grading.

Numista consists of an international community of collectors. Members are able to list coins for trade and contact other members to arrange trades. Numista provides a great way to maintain an online inventory of your collection and view information including mintage, weight and type of medal for thousands of coins around the world.

Coin Community Family
The website states that it is ”the best coin forum on the net”. This is probably true. There are many seasoned collectors in Canadian, US, and global coins and banknotes. It is a great place to ask questions or contribute knowledge.

PCGS Photograde
PCGS, which is one of the top third party coin graders in the US, has a great site for showing collectors what different US coins look like in different grades. Unfortunately there are no Canadian coins listed.

This site provide fair market values for US coins.

Canadian Coin News
The CCN website lists scheduled coin shows for the year.

Numismatic Network Canada
The NNC site has links to a wide range of Canadian numismatic organizations and collector groups.

National and Regional Associations:

The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association was founded in 1950. Members receive the CN Journal and benefit from various discounts including coin insurance and educational courses.

The Ontario Numismatic Association was founded in 1962. The association produces the Ontario Numismatist journal. Members also can benefit from the book and audio visual lending library.